Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: Rosemary's Baby

Now, many things can be said about Roman Polanski as a person, but there is nothing disputing that he is a phenomenal director and proof to this can be found in the horror classic "Rosemary's Baby" this chilling and unsettling movie is much talked about among the fans of supernatural, as well as suspenseful, horror.

Now, what exactly makes this movie just so frightening and unforgettable? Is it the storyline? In an attempt to keep from ruining it for you all I can tell you is this; A couple rents an apartment in New York, Rosemary gets pregnant and suspects her neighbors to be witches, chaos ensues. As silly as I make it sound, the story is very well put together and is executed almost perfectly.

Not only is the story well written, but the pace works perfectly for the mounting suspense. It is a bit slow, but it is well worth it. Like I said, Polanski might be a scum bag, but hell if he didn't know how to direct. If you love slow-burning plots, then you will definitely dig into this without a problem. The pacing definitely gives you time to soak everything in or enough time to through in a couple guess at what is going to happen next.

Now, what really kept me interested was the bizarre imagery which is immersed periodically into the film as dream sequences. The cinematography and directing is the real key to this number and both did a great job at making this piece of the movie really off-setting and enjoyable. Though I will say that some of the imagery was a bit pointless and could have held a bit more relevance to the plot.

Lastly, the ending. This ending will make you feel slightly disturbed and cheated, but in a good way. While it does hold the feel of the time period it is based in, it is still one hell of an ending even for today's standards. I can definitely pick this out as one of my favorite endings in the list of movies I've seen.

Score: 4 of 5
The film was extremely enjoyable despite the slow pacing and I can definitely say that the replay value is pretty high. The only reason I don't give it a perfect 5 is for the mere fact that there was this slight sneaking suspicious that the editing itself could have been a bit better, sometimes it just jump when you weren't really suspecting. Didn't upset the rhythm of the movie, but something I wish they could of done a bit better. Definitely a "Must see"

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