Monday, June 28, 2010

Reivew: The Last Man on Earth

As many of you are aware, a recent blockbuster that hit the silver screen not to long ago was "I Am Legend" a film Starring Will Smith, an adaptation of the story of the same name. Little to many people's knowledge, it isn't the first adaptation, there have been two other films to hit the silver screen who have played off this very same book. One being the Omega Man and the movie I am reviewing The Last Man on Earth.

I want to start off this review with the reason I love this movie so much, its lead actor; Vincent Price, playing the protagonist who is forced to fight against vampires in order to survive. The films mood is very unsettling and very well done and Vincet Price's performance was almost "Price"less (don't worry, no more puns from here on out). The story telling in this film is fantastic and is paced perfectly for the point of the story. The intense dialogue of the protagonist and the directing of the film helps bring out the despair any human would be feeling if stuck in that position.

Another reason I feel this movie is superior to its recent counter part is its ending, a much more powerful ending with no real punches pulled. The daunting silence that fills up the last minute or so of the film is one that could sit up hairs on almost any arm. Its a great flick and great for even the most modern of horror fan.

Rating: 4 out of 5

High replay value (seen it about three or four times since purchasing it.), great story with an amazing execution, the only draw back of the film is that it has not aged well, the make-up is very poor for the vampires and isn't very convincing at any extent. This movie is one of the movies on my "Must See" List. Enjoy
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